Dan Gardner is the New York Times best-selling author of books about psychology and decision-making and a senior fellow at the University of Ottawa’s Graduate School of Public and International Affairs. More >

Feature Article

Why Don't We Care More About Climate Change?

Mar 10, 2019

(Originally published in the Globe and Mail, December 21, 2018.)

This essay is about a riddle. I’ll start by revealing the answer: ... More >


Nuclear power and the fate of humanity

Jun 21, 2019

(Originally published in the Globe and Mail, June 22, 2019.)

One in three Canadians thinks nuclear power emits as much carbon dioxi... More >

At sea on plastics

Jun 21, 2019

(Originally published in the Globe and Mail, June 11, 2019)

We’ve all seen the rolling masses of plastic choking the oceans, the pl... More >

Intuitive toxicology doesn't work

Apr 11, 2019

Originally published in The Globe and Mail, March 8, 2019

Chemicals are in the food we eat, the air we breathe, the water ... More >

Featured Book

Risk : The Science and Politics of Fear

We are the safest and healthiest human beings who ever lived, and yet irrational fear is growing, with deadly consequences — such as the 1,595 Americans killed when they made the mistake of switching from planes to cars after September 11. In part, this irrationality is caused by those — politicians, activists, and the media — who promote fear for their own gain. Culture also matters. But a more fundamental cause is human psychology. Working with risk science pioneer Paul Slovic, author Dan Gardner sets out to explain in a compulsively readable fashion just what that statement above means as to how we make decisions and run our lives. We learn that the brain has not one but two systems to analyze risk. One is primitive, unconscious, and intuitive. The other is conscious...

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