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Back to work

Thanks to the generosity of my boss (me) I had a reduced workload for the last couple of months. Naturally, I spent my time productively. Much wood was chopped, many fish were caught. (That's a lie. The fishing was as bad as the weather was good. Most days, all I got was a tan.) But we've just passed Labour Day, so it's away with white shoes and back to work. First, I'm pleased and proud to announce that effective immediately I'll be a senior fellow with the University of Ottawa's Graduate School of Public and International Affairs. The fellows and students are a remarkable bunch and I hope to spend considerable time at the office. Talking with smart people makes serendipity happen. As for what I'll be researching and writing, that's far from settled. Basically, I have several broad areas I want to delve into, which will probably generate some magazine pieces before I commit to my next book project. One is long-term planning, another is the decision-making of investigators, and a third involves the military. I realize those descriptions are so vague as to be cryptic, sorry, but I generally don't like discussing my work until at least some of it is on paper. But if these cryptic references are enough to give you ideas about interesting writing, people, subjects, etc., please do fire me an email. Because talking with smart people, etc.